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Obtaining Certification through ARC


The Alternate Route to Certification Program (ARC) recommends candidates for teacher certification once the following requirements are met:

1.  Core and Methods program assignments

2.  Student Practicum

3.  Praxis II or ACTFL exams

4.  Prerequisite coursework and application requirements

5.  Other requirements in accordance with program policies and state certification regulations

that may not have been in effect at time of ARC admission.


ARC graduates who are recommended for certification will receive two forms:

  1. Statement of Preparing Higher Education Form  ED 125

  2. Application for a Temporary 90-day Certificate  ED 172


Initial copies of both forms are provided free of charge. Effective July 1, 2015, a $10 fee will be charged for each additional copy of the ED 125 requested, payable by personal check or money order made out to "Treasurer - State of CT" and mailed to the ARC Office. Only requests by mail, with appropriate payment and return address, will be honored.


Temporary 90-Day Certificate


Both the ED 125 and ED 172 forms must be completed to apply for your first certificate, the Temporary 90-Day Certificate. In addition, you will need:


  1. Official college transcripts

  2. Praxis II or ACTFL scores

  3. An official hiring recommendation from a district superintendent or designee.

New To apply for a Temporary 90-Day Certificate, ARC graduates must be hired by a Connecticut public school in either a permanent teaching position (full or part-time) or as a long-term substitute serving 90 days or longer in a subject and grade related to their area of ARC training. ARC graduates working in part-time positions (less than 50% or .4 or less) must renew their temporary 90-Day Certificate and serve another 90 days; all time will be pro-rated to meet the 90-day full-time teaching requirement.

A Temporary 90-Day Certificate can be granted only in a graduate’s ARC area of study.


When does the Temporary 90-Day Certificate go into effect?


The hiring district must note the 90 days of contracted teaching days (not calendar days) in Part IV of the ED 172 Form.

If an application is submitted before the first day of employment, the Certificate is effective on the first date of employment provided in the application.

If an application is submitted after the first day of employment, the Certificate is effective on the date the application is received and recorded by the CT State Department of Education.


Highly Qualified Status


The signed ED 125 Form and/or the Temporary 90-Day Certificate confirm that an ARC graduate is considered highly qualified. The completion of Praxis II or ACTFL and the ARC Program validates this status.


Initial Educator Certificate


No more than two weeks prior to the expiration of your Temporary 90-day Certificate, you may apply for an Initial Educator Certificate, provided you are serving in a full-time position (more than 50% or .5 or more). To apply for an Initial Educator Certificate, you will need to submit a completed ED 172A Form which contains an official recommendation from a district superintendent or designee. The recommendation for the Initial Educator Certificate must come from the same district that requested your Temporary 90-Day Certificate.


All new teachers teaching under the Initial Educator Certificate must participate in the TEAM (Teacher Education and Mentoring) Program. TEAM is administered by the CT State Department of Education and Regional Education Service Centers (RESCs), and involves personalized mentoring and written modules.


Other Certification Options


Minor Assignments

Minor Assignments may be requested if you are teaching a subject area outside of your ARC area of study for no more than two periods a day. The subject area must be an identified shortage area for the current school year.

A Minor Assignment will be issued for the duration of the school year, and must be issued in alignment with a Temporary 90-Day Certificate or any other level of teaching certification thereafter.

A Minor Assignment can be reissued for one additional year. The second year gives you additional time to complete the requirements for a full cross endorsement.

A minimum of 12 credits in the content area is required for a Minor Assignment.

A Minor Assignment application request is submitted by the hiring district, and not the ARC graduate.


Cross Endorsements

A Cross Endorsement is an additional certificate added to your license when you reach the level of Initial Educator Certification, and anytime thereafter.

There are specific course and assessment requirements for cross-endorsement eligibility that are regulated by the CT State Department of Education.

For more information, refer to the SDE Cross Endorsement Facts Sheet.


Other Hiring Options


If you are unable to secure a permanent, public school teaching position after completing the ARC Program, you may explore the following options.  

1.  Part or full-time substitute positions

2.  Long-term substitute authorizations, ED 175 Form (completed by hiring district)

3.  School support, e.g. paraprofessional, intervention specialist

4.  Private school teaching

5.  Adult/Continuing Education  SDE Adult Education Fact Sheet #101   Section E, Page 5, ED 170 Form

6.  School Business Administration (if eligible)  Page 2 – SDE Fact Sheet #100

7.  Higher Education  

8.  Coaching   SDE Coaching Fact Sheet: #105

                  Connecticut Coaching Education Program

                  On-Line Concussion Management Course    

                  SDE Coaching Competencies

                  Approved Courses – 5-Year Renewable Coaching Permit


ARC Professional Development


ARC graduates are provided:

1.  Instructional coaching upon request

2.  Access to the ARC Resource Library

3.  Access to job posting information


K-12 Job Postings


Connecticut Education Association (CEA)

CT Reap

Job Fair Notifications

K-12 District Websites

K12 Job Spot - Connecticut


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