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Minority Advancement Program

In 1983, Volume 3, Title 10a, Chapter 185, Section 10a-11 of the General Statutes of the State of Connecticut established the Minority Advancement Program (MAP), administered by the Office of Higher Education (OHE). MAP and its programs have provided academic support services to thousands of Connecticut’s underachieving minority middle, high school, and undergraduate college students since its inception. Underachieving minority students often have limited resources and are underserved, limiting their academic achievement. MAP supports educational equity by providing much-needed resources and improving academic achievement among minority students. The program’s efforts help to increase the equity and diversity of students attending and graduating from Connecticut’s colleges and universities.

The Office of Higher Education awards MAP funds to colleges and universities through the ConnCAP and PASS competitive grant programs. MAP supports educational access and opportunity for underachieving minority middle, high school, and undergraduate college students. ConnCAP is the principal strategy of the Office of Higher Education to develop linkages with public school systems targeted by the office to provide motivation and skills development for middle school or high school underachievers so that they become prepared to acquire a college education successfully. An underachiever is also defined as someone likely to achieve academic potential with programmatic intervention due to circumstances other than his or her current level of academic achievement. PASS is a newer Office of Higher Education strategy whose objective is to provide support and skills development for minority undergraduate college students on academic probation. PASS seeks to help students improve their academic standing and get off probationary status. Likewise, PASS helps students become better equipped academically, improving retention, persistence, and graduation rates among minority students. PASS includes activities focused on developing academic skills, advising, counseling, tutoring, and career exploration.



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